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Do's and Don'ts from the Trenches

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Bad Dad Moments

Email your Bad Dad Blunder. Who knows, you could become famous.

Here are the first few...

"A dad I know, a real good guy, puts a box of cereal in his kids' bedroom on weekend nights. Why? So when they get up in the morning they can eat breakfast while he catches an extra half-hour of sleep!"

"I don't know this guy personally, but I was told about this one dad who has his 16-year-old son drive him to his favorite bar where he'll toss back a few with this buddies. When he's done imbibing for the evening he calls his son to come pick him up, so he doesn't risk getting a DUI."

(Author's note: True, this dad's smart enough not to drink and drive, but to involve his son? C'mon, hasn't this guy ever heard of a taxi?)

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Don't: Fund your kids' college education at the expense of funding your own retirement.