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What people are saying about "Good Dad/Bad Dad."

"Every dad needs this book. There's nothing out there like it."
Dave Anderson, Host
AM Northwest
KATU/​ABC Television, Portland, OR

"This book has something for the Dad who knows nothing, and the Dad who thinks he knows everything."
Gene Lavanchy, Anchor
FOX 25 Morning News
FOX TV/​Boston

Great Book For Dads!
I read this on the recommendation from another first time dad - I found it full of useful information from starting college funds to just playing and enjoying your kids. Written with great humor, it is highly amusing and just a fun informative book.
Family Guy

Wonderful Gift For New Dad!
"On the recommendation from a co-worker, I bought this for my nephew, a first time Dad; along with great basic parenting tips, it is just hilarious! Written with such great humor, and some touching moments. Since I have two teen boys I can relate to the "Cain and Abel" analogy. Hope to hear more about this lively family in the future!"
Avid Reader

"Informative, easy to read...wish I would've had this 9 months ago when our daughter was born. I'd rank it along with 'The Happiest Baby on the Block' and 'Baby 411' as MUST HAVES for new fathers."
Gregory Huffstutter
Author/​"Good Dad" wannabe

Great Fun And Informative Reading For Dads.
"I really didn't want an MD or PhD perspective on parenting, and when I found this book I liked it immediately. The approach is light and entertaining, but there is plenty of great information here. I am a father of two, ages 7 and 3, so I've got plenty of experience, but I still took quite a bit away from this book.

"Chapters are very short, which makes this book easy to read when you have just a few minutes here or there. The style is entertaining, and does not preach, but does provide nice tips that you can put into place immediately. My wife has read several chapters as well, but the book is really speaking to us dads. I especially enjoyed the information about educational financial planning, which typically would not seem like interesting reading.

"I'm rating this book 5 stars because it conveys a great deal of information in a very entertaining manner, and would be a good first choice for any dad. "Good Dad Bad Dad" would actually be a great gift idea for new dads."
Big Chief

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